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How It Works

Outsource your maintenance repair o​​perations inventories to RGIS and you will always have the right parts and tools in place to perform standard repairs and maintenance.

  • Have the tools and parts on hand to make any potential repairs
  • Keep scheduled maintenance schedules without having to wait for parts
  • Allow your team to focus on their core responsibilities
  • Covering industrial and manufacturing stocktaking
  • Accuracy and efficiency when you need it
  • Experience in warehouse, manufacturing and industrial environments
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​Because nobody wants to see a blown gasket. ​

  • Our handheld technology allows us to count quickly and accurately
  • We provide specialized training to all our auditors
  • Our processes can be completed without disrupting production
  • ​We focus on inventory, allowing your team to focus on maintenance and repairs
Want to learn more?  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation discovery meeting.


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